Who am I?

I am a former demolition man and current husband, father, friend, part time blogger, giver, do-gooder, island trader, tiki bar proprietor, tourist whisperer, traveler, pirate, wanna be chef, meditation newbie, instagramaholic, insurance executive and recent LIVE A GOOD STORY Ambassador and LIVE Leader.

Born and raised in Southern California (est. population 22.6 million +/-), the Spencer Family relocated to the Islands of Bermuda (est. population 64,000 +/-) almost 10 years ago.  (No more 3, 4, 5, 6 hour days in a car!) Grateful to be on this adventure with my wife of 20+ years, 2 boys, ages (16) and (13), 2 Island Cats (Sawyer & Hunter) and Jamaican Rescue Dog (Bodhi) #jampup #rescuedog #islanddog.

Currently bringing the Plan [b] Project to life in order to Spread Social Good to individuals and non profits around the globe and soon launching SpencerIsland Trading Company to help show the world how to live like they are on vacation.  Watch out TedX!  In October, 2017, I became a recent LIVE A GOOD STORY Ambassador.

Full time Insurance Executive “where people come first”.

Doing my best to check off items and add new items to my Bucket List.

‘Once a year go someplace you’ve never been before’